Lighthouse Laundry
Lighthouse Laundry
L i g h t h o u s e L a u n d r y
L i g h t h o u s e  L a u n d r y

Self-Serve Laundromat


18 Washers, 16 Dryers

      7 large 4 load machines ideal for comforters & sleeping bags  $5.25

       8 double loaders $2.50

        2 extra capacity newer double loaders $3.00

         1 top loader  $2.00


       6 huge 4 load dryers 30 min $1.50  25 cents for 5 min

       10  large 3 load dryers  30 min $1.50 25 cents for 5 min




Coin Changers:  Get quarters to operate machines (takes 1s,5s,10s,20s)

Soap Vendor:      soap, bleach, dryer sheets, softener


Contact us

Lighthouse Laundry

5738 N. 26th St.

Tacoma,WA 98407


Phone: 253-874-9603


Store Hours

Tacoma Store We are OPEN from: 8:00AM-9:00 PM Everyday except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years,and Independence Day


Special Offers

Wash & Dry your



sleeping bag


for only $7


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